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  LONDON — Should Britain stumble out of the European Union without a deal and riots erupt in the streets, officials have a plan:

  Evacuate Queen Elizabeth II from London, local news outlets reported on Sunday.

  Reports of a scenario to save the queen and senior members of her family came to light as the deadline for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union loomed. With fewer than 55 days until the formal divorce, now set for March 29, the country has been flooded with news of emergency preparations in the event no deal is reached.

  Reports of Britons stockpiling groceries, medicines and other supplies have proliferated. Nissan Motor, the automobile giant, confirmed on Sunday that it would manufacture the new version of its X-Trail S.U.V. in Japan instead of Sunderland, in northeast England, where Nissan has been making cars since 1986.

  Sony, the Japanese corporation, announced in January that it would move its European headquarters to Amsterdam from Surrey; Airbus and Bentley called the prospect of a no-deal Brexit a “killer” and a “disgrace.”

  But the report of an emergency exit plan for the 92-year-old monarch gave a different weight to the possibility of a no-deal Brexit.

  A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace said on Sunday, “We’re not commenting on that at all.”

  But according to The Sunday Times, such plans were originally laid out long ago in anticipation of events that might threaten the royal family’s safety.

  “These emergency evacuation plans have been in existence since the Cold War, but have now been repurposed in the event of civil disorder following a no-deal Brexit,” the British newspaper quoted an unidentified Cabinet Office official as saying.

  In a reflection of the deeply polarized mood that has prevailed in Britain since the 2016 referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union, the report of the evacuation plans for the queen was received with equal measures of worry and ridicule.

  Many questioned the premise of preparing for riots immediately after the Brexit deadline, and whether Buckingham Palace, or the queen, would be the target of the public’s ire in the case of no deal.

  Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Conservative lawmaker who has been arguing for a no-deal Brexit, told The Mail on Sunday that the evacuation plan was a “wartime fantasy.”

  Robert Moss, a graduate student at the University of Birmingham, wrote on Twitter, “It’s possible — in a worse-case scenario — that civil unrest could break out if we find ourselves strapped for cash and low on imports.”

  Dave Queenan, another Twitter user, wrote on Sunday, “The only reason to be concerned about the whole ‘Queen evacuation’ saga is if they let Philip drive.”

  (Prince Philip, the 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh, was recently involved in a car crash that injured two women, and he was seen days later driving without a seatbelt.)

  Kevin Featherstone, a professor of European politics at the London School of Economics, disputed fears of riots.

  “Britain is already bitterly divided over Brexit, and more than it has been on anything for generations,” Mr. Featherstone wrote in an email on Sunday. “But talk of riots in the streets is misconceived,” he said.

  He added that Brexit had to do with identity politics, not economics. And riots would not start over whether Britain would end up with a Canada- or Norway-type deal, he said. (Though Norway is not a member of the European Union, it is part of the single market; Canada also has trade ties with the bloc.)

  What to make of the report of a royal evacuation plan, then?

  The contingency plan is based on Operation Candid — an evacuation strategy designed after the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 — to prepare for the possibility of a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union, according to The Sunday Times.

  The queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the home secretary were supposed to escape by boarding the royal yacht Brittania under the so-called python system, which would see the royal family hiding in Scottish sea lochs.

  The plan was changed to feature the Hebridean Princess, a cruise ship, after Brittania was made idle in 1997.

  Mr. Featherstone said the risk of a no-deal Brexit remained less than 50-50, and that the report should be seen “as serving a current political purpose.”

  “It offers credibility to the fears of social unrest if Brexit is blocked by utilizing the ultimate national symbol — the royals — and puts pressure on Tory M.P.s to settle for a deal,” he said, referring to the governing Conservative Party.

  Prime Minister Theresa May wrote in The Telegraph on Sunday that she would return to Brussels to fight for Britain and deliver Brexit to the people.

  But the Brexit process has become so chaotic that even Queen Elizabeth, who has a constitutional obligation to remain neutral on political matters, made an appeal for harmony. In a speech on Jan. 25, the monarch made a plea for “respecting different points of view” and “coming together to seek out the common ground.”

  The evacuation plan has a no-deal Brexit as a prerequisite, so it could be abandoned if Mrs. May is able to negotiate a deal with Brussels that will win Parliament’s approval this month.

  If not, all bets are off.



  二o一六年00五期开出平码【目】【暮】【警】【部】【没】【看】【懂】【辻】【弘】【树】【含】【义】【复】【杂】【的】【眼】【神】,【但】【直】【觉】【让】【他】【默】【默】【撸】【起】【了】【袖】【子】。 【柯】【南】【倒】【是】【心】【态】【平】【和】,【研】【究】【着】【手】【里】【的】【小】【瓶】【向】【辻】【弘】【树】【解】【释】: “【这】【很】【可】【能】【不】【是】【恶】【作】【剧】,【因】【为】【阿】【笠】【博】【士】——【就】【是】【名】【字】【里】【带】‘【十】【一】’【的】【人】【遭】【到】【袭】【击】【时】,【犯】【人】【就】【是】【通】【过】【用】【石】【头】【打】【碎】【玻】【璃】【的】【方】【式】,【将】【他】【引】【出】【去】【的】。” 【三】【人】【的】【表】【情】【和】【语】【气】【都】【很】【笃】【定】,【再】

  “【城】【主】【大】【人】,【我】【求】【你】,【我】【求】【你】【放】【了】【我】,【我】【家】【里】【上】【有】【八】【十】【岁】【老】【母】,【下】【还】【有】【嗷】【嗷】【待】【哺】【的】【婴】【儿】,【城】【主】【大】【人】【我】【求】【你】,【求】【你】【放】【了】【我】……” 【这】【三】【四】【百】【人】【都】【在】【哀】【求】,**,【不】【少】【人】【已】【经】【直】【接】【是】【一】【副】【痛】【哭】【流】【涕】【的】【样】【子】,【觉】【得】【自】【己】【太】【冤】,【根】【本】【没】【听】【说】【过】【白】【一】【铭】【这】【个】【名】【字】,【却】【莫】【名】【其】【妙】【被】【抓】,【看】【起】【来】【也】【会】【是】【十】【死】【无】【一】【生】【的】【下】【场】。 【所】【有】【人】【哀】【求】

  2019【年】11【月】1【日】,【全】【文】【完】【结】【字】【数】1000079。 【到】【这】【里】【就】【该】【和】【大】【家】【说】【再】【见】【了】。 【相】【信】【书】【里】【很】【多】【人】【都】【给】【大】【家】【留】【下】【了】【很】【深】【的】【印】【象】,【虽】【说】【他】【们】【是】【书】【中】【的】【虚】【构】【人】【物】,【但】【在】【属】【于】【他】【们】【的】【世】【界】【中】,【这】【些】【人】【的】【脚】【步】【不】【会】【停】【下】,【他】【们】【会】【越】【来】【越】【好】。 【大】【家】【可】【以】【关】【注】【下】【我】【的】【作】【者】【主】【页】【面】,【也】【可】【以】【加】【我】【的】QQ:168539

  【一】【一】vs【二】【二】 【多】【年】【以】【后】,【两】【个】【人】【有】【了】【属】【于】【自】【己】【的】【孩】【子】,【哥】【哥】【大】【名】【萧】【九】【琛】,【妹】【妹】【名】【字】,【萧】【雅】【然】。 【温】【凉】【妍】【随】【口】【给】【他】【们】【两】【个】【起】【了】【个】【名】【字】,【一】【一】,【二】【二】。 【叫】【哥】【哥】【的】【时】【候】【喊】【一】【一】,【一】【点】【问】【题】【都】【没】【有】,【叫】【二】【二】【的】【时】【候】。 【一】【一】【瞪】【着】【她】【呲】【牙】【咧】【嘴】,【不】【许】【叫】【我】【妹】【妹】【二】【二】,【那】【小】【模】【样】【跟】【温】【渊】【谦】【那】【厮】【护】【犊】【子】【的】【样】【子】【如】【出】【一】【辙】。

  【织】【田】【本】【君】【手】【中】【那】【把】【长】【剑】,【在】【吸】【干】【了】【剑】【上】【的】【鲜】【血】【后】,【迸】【发】【出】【了】【更】【加】【强】【烈】【的】【紫】【色】【光】【芒】,【若】【现】【在】【是】【黑】【夜】,【恐】【怕】【就】【如】【同】【一】【个】【紫】【色】【的】【巨】【灯】【一】【般】【的】【明】【亮】。 【织】【田】【本】【君】【手】【中】【长】【剑】【散】【发】【强】【烈】【紫】【光】【的】【时】【候】,【远】【处】【那】【乌】【云】【正】【下】【方】,【海】【浪】【翻】【涌】【的】【更】【加】【强】【烈】,【一】【股】【巨】【大】【的】【漩】【涡】【出】【现】【在】【了】【大】【海】【之】【上】。 【还】【好】【那】【巨】【大】【漩】【涡】【离】【着】【战】【场】【并】【不】【近】,【否】【则】【除】【了】二o一六年00五期开出平码【顾】【长】【风】【怎】【么】【也】【没】【想】【到】【来】【的】【是】【这】【样】【的】【狠】【角】【色】,【他】【缩】【在】【车】【后】,【全】【身】【的】【血】【都】【要】【凉】【了】!【哑】【巴】【一】【击】【没】【中】,【泄】【愤】【似】【的】【把】【枪】【里】【的】【子】【弹】【全】【打】【光】,【然】【后】【随】【后】【往】【后】【车】【座】【上】【一】【扔】,【从】【包】【里】【又】【拎】【出】【一】【把】【同】【款】【的】***,【继】【续】【扫】【射】。 【监】【控】、【会】【不】【会】【被】【路】【人】【看】【到】,【这】【些】【全】【不】【在】【边】【世】【凯】【和】【哑】【巴】【的】【考】【虑】【范】【围】,【既】【然】【疯】【狂】【那】【就】【疯】【狂】【到】【底】,【他】【们】【也】【没】【有】【冲】【上】【来】

  【黎】【曜】【辰】【瞥】【了】【一】【眼】【门】【口】,【冷】【声】【说】:“【吃】【饭】【的】【人】【来】【了】。” 【孙】【管】【家】【和】【刘】【婶】【匆】【匆】【忙】【忙】【走】【进】【屋】【子】【里】,【也】【不】【敢】【说】【话】,【低】【着】【头】【站】【在】【一】【旁】。 “【孙】【管】【家】,【刘】【婶】,【这】【是】【你】【们】【的】【女】【儿】【给】【你】【们】【准】【备】【的】【晚】【饭】,【吃】【完】【就】【可】【以】【走】【了】。”【黎】【曜】【辰】【看】【了】【一】【眼】【地】【面】,【冷】【笑】【道】:“【我】【不】【姓】【裘】,【你】【们】【作】【为】【老】【爷】【子】【的】【老】【丈】【人】【和】【丈】【母】【娘】,【当】【然】【可】【以】【不】【把】【我】【当】【回】【事】,

  【想】【到】【这】【里】,【冰】【灵】【的】【心】【顿】【时】【揣】【回】【了】【肚】【子】【里】。 【同】【时】【想】【起】【他】【可】【能】【要】【与】【那】【个】【红】【眸】【司】【寒】【夜】【灵】【魂】【融】【合】,【可】【能】【从】【此】【以】【后】【便】【再】【也】【不】【能】【见】【到】【他】【了】 【冰】【灵】【刚】【重】【新】【光】【耀】【闪】【烁】【的】【眸】【子】【又】【再】【次】【暗】【淡】【下】【来】。 【强】【扯】【出】【一】【抹】【笑】【意】,【扬】【起】【小】【脑】【袋】【看】【向】【大】【哥】, “【大】【哥】,【他】【若】【是】【找】【到】【他】,【他】【还】【是】【原】【本】【的】【司】【寒】【夜】,【你】【就】【派】【人】【来】【告】【诉】【我】,【若】【是】【红】【眸】

  【轩】【正】【浩】【研】【究】【了】【许】【久】【的】【命】【运】【之】【光】。 【但】【最】【后】,【他】【也】【颇】【感】【无】【奈】,【对】【黑】【衣】【素】【贞】【说】【道】:“【命】【运】【之】【光】【中】【可】【以】【了】【解】【地】【球】【的】【诸】【多】【过】【去】,【但】【未】【来】【却】【在】【充】【满】【变】【化】,【无】【法】【预】【测】。【要】【催】【动】【命】【运】【之】【光】,【逆】【转】【时】【空】【必】【须】【学】【会】【大】【命】【运】【术】。【又】【或】【者】【以】【另】【外】【两】【千】【九】【百】【九】【十】【九】【种】【大】【道】【来】【融】【合】【催】【动】。【这】【都】【是】【我】【们】【没】【办】【法】【办】【到】【的】【事】【情】。【而】【且】,【一】【旦】【逆】【转】【整】【个】【地】【球】【的】

  “【那】【么】,【请】【享】【受】【吧】,【我】【为】【大】【家】【带】【来】【的】,《【君】が【好】き》。” 《【君】が【好】き》,【这】【是】【一】【个】【很】【宽】【泛】【的】【概】【念】,【狭】【义】【上】【来】【说】,【这】【个】“【你】”【可】【以】【特】【指】【某】【一】【个】【人】,【但】【也】【可】【以】【泛】【指】【自】【己】【所】【有】【的】【粉】【丝】,【这】【种】【用】【法】【不】【能】【不】【说】【是】【很】【狡】【猾】【和】【巧】【妙】【的】。【可】【是】……【这】【也】【没】【什】【么】? 【对】【于】【粉】【丝】,【又】【怎】【么】【可】【能】【完】【全】【诚】【实】【呢】?【这】【是】【任】【何】【一】【个】【人】【都】【做】【不】【出】【的】【事】





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